Send Payments to:
Spain Scott #418
(29 Sep 1930)

Mr. Columbus' Order Guide...


To place an order, use the Net Price List to gather the information of the items you want.

Send an Email to: 
of the items you have chosen. Include: the Country name, Scott #, stamp ID (MINT NH, H, Used, FDC, etc.) and the price of each item.

Add the total of the items and pay by PayPal (icon at left). If the order is under $50.00, add $4.00 to the total for postage & handling. 
On orders over $50.00, the postage is FREE. 

Payment can also be made by check or money order in U.S. dollars. Upon receipt of payment, the order will be shipped.
Spain Scott  #424 
(29 Sep 1930)
Spain Scott  #421
(29 Sep 1930)