Scott #1038 
(27 Jul 1987)

Souvenir Sheet of Columbus' exploration of the Leeward Islands on his 2nd Voyage to the New World in 1493. 

Net Price List
(Stamps & First Day Covers)

This Net Price list contains worldwide stamps and First Day Covers of Columbus & 
the Discovery of America. Other explorers and prominent people involved in early 
history of the New World are also featured. Scott numbers are used which are 
trademarks of Amos Press, Inc. dab Scott Publishing Co., Sidney, OH.

This list can be used to form 
checklists of Columbus items 
and/or other prominent people 
involved in the early history of 
the New World. Not all items 
listed are for sale but could be
in the near future. Many stamps 
and sets are listed to give you a
most comprehensive listing in 
this "New World" topical field. 
Some items are in short supply
and some price changes can 
occur periodically.... So check 
back often. 
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